The Clarity You Need to Scale Your Business

Publicity | Branding | Marketing Strategy

The Clarity You Need to Scale Your Business

Publicity | Branding | Marketing Strategy

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Sara Reed is a Business Coach, offering entrepreneurs impactful solutions to grow their business. 

As an entrepreneur, Sara co-founded La Folia Winery in the Sierra Foothills in her mid-twenties and quickly helped to grow the company to six+ figures within two years. In 2019 she and her husband founded 9 Diamonds BBQ in Mariposa County. She has worked with top faculty at Stanford University to launch and manage international conferences, helped non-profits to gain more visibility through her PR expertise, designed creative ads for global brands, and coached entrepreneurs on pitches, copy, and marketing strategy.  

She has worked with David Newman, CEO of Do It! Marketing, and America’s leading PR company, Super Connector Media. Agency side she has worked with Tonies, Upstep, Atolla, Mila Cares, Wine Access, Mixbook, CuraLife, and Radford Beauty. 

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If you want a person who cares and can make your brand pop, you need Sara. Her experience and ability to capture my brand, voice, and personality were fascinating! She was also genuinely interested in ensuring that I was satisfied throughout the process.

Pat B. Freeman

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You're feeling stuck, burnout and overwhelmed with the thought of scaling your business. When it comes to marketing and public relations it would be so much simpler if you knew exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done quickly.  

You’ve wasted too much time going in circles with your outreach that had little to no impact. You’re easily distracted by shiny object syndrome, with books, podcasts, blogs, Facebook groups, and advice from friends.

Let’s work together to get clarity on where you want to see results. Right now. 

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